Resolutions for 2010

Silly Dog’s have New Year’s Resolutions, too – here are my goals to make 2010 the best year ever:

  1. Exercise for 45 minutes every day. This will be easier once the days get longer, but a good, long walk combined with quality playtime will help my waistline and keep me tired and happy.
  2. Stop eating table scraps. So, I love turkey. And potato chips. And … anything, really. While some treats are okay in moderation, I eat way too much from the table. Time to stop begging!
  3. Continue taking my monthly heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention.
  4. Get pet insurance. For approximately $25 a month, insurance provides a peace of mind in case something unexpected comes up. No one should have to make a difficult decision because of lack of finances.
  5. Keep blogging. Check back often for updates, and follow me on Twitter @TheSillyDog!

Happy New Year! Have a safe and happy one.

What are your resolutions for 2010?


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I’m a winner – sorta

On Saturday I drove up to Blue Ridge with my mama, grandma and uncle Ozzy to participate in Paws in the Park, an annual celebration of all things animal. I was dressed as a bumblebee.

The day started off on a shaky note as Uncle Ozzy pooped in the middle of the street and I did not want to keep on my bumblebee antenna. Luckily, the parade started at 10 AM and we marched two blocks – I was very popular! No less than 14 people stopped to take my picture. I thought I was a shoo-in for the costume contest, and I did win a prize in the parade – Most Unusual! (My prize was a ribbon and a toy I picked out … fun!)

I then had my picture taken with Mama and Uncle Ozzy, before the blessing and the costume contest. I did very well in walking across the stage, but sadly I did not place. I definitely did not have the best/most creative costume there, but Mama was thinking I could get fifth or fourth place. Alas, it was not meant to be.

We then went to Wendy’s, where I dined on french fries before we went back home. Then I proceeded to projectile vomit said french fries all over my mama’s bedroom.

It was a fun day!

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Shop Review

There’s a place I go that nobody knows in downtown … Blue Ridge, Ga.

Actually, many people know about Love Dogs & Cats Too!, a charming boutique next to Hallmark on East Main Street. I made my first adventure there over the weekend, and give it the following grades:

  1. Service – A+: Despite my surliness, the love shop owner gave me a treat and took time to get to know ME, the real dog behind the Silly Dog. I tell you, sometimes it gets lonely.
  2. Toy Selection – B: The toys were fine, but selection was small. Too many gifts for Mama, not enough gifts for ME. And we all know that it’s really all about me.
  3. Treat Selection – A+: This shop has everything from the basic, packaged cookies to gourmet, seasonal treats.
  4. Human Gifts – A+: Plenty of gifts for Mama (see Toy Selection), including artwork and apparel.

I loved this store, and can’t wait to go back … I even plan on making a trip next weekend!

Do you have any favorite local pet stores in your area?

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Crate Training

I am a huge advocate of crate training – not only to minimize the amount of accidents on the carpet, but to also for safety reasons and to maintain/improve comfort levels. I stay in my crate whenever my mama is gone for over an hour – I have a comfy blanket with fresh water and a favorite toy to keep me company.

Here are some simple steps to introduce the crate to the silly dog in your life:

  • Start early. A dog that has not been introduced to a crate in his early life will have a more difficult time adjusting.
  • Not too big or too small. A silly dog should be able to get up and turn around comfortably – if the dog is cramped or if there is too much room to walk around, the crate won’t be as effective.
  • Don’t use as punishment. The crate is mimicking a den – it should be a place of comfort. If your silly dog needs to be punished, do not throw him in his crate.
  • Don’t use it all the time. Silly dogs need to run around and play! Don’t keep him cooped up all day.

Does your silly dog use a crate? What have been the challenges you’ve faced?

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All dressed up

With all of my recent posts on costumes, do you feel like you’re all dressed up and have nowhere to go? Never fear, my fellow silly dogs! I have just what you need.

First of all, go to to enter their 2009 Howl-O-Ween Pet Contest! Upload a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume and vote for your favorites! The winner will be announced in November.

For validation on your costume choice before then, head to your nearest PetSmart on October 20 from 6PM – 8PM. You can have your picture taken as well as receive treats and prizes! PetSmart is also sponsoring an online photo contest.

I also want to give a shout out to Good Mews, a metro Atlanta cat shelter that is having a “Black Cat-A-Thon” throughout the month of October. People who are superstitious about black cats are just being silly … even sillier than this silly dog! Good Mews is offering a reduced adoption fee for those who adopt a black cat during this month. Visit for more information.

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The Silly Dog’s on Twitter!

Follow the Silly Dog @TheSillyDog.

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EVENTS – Attention all Georgia Silly Dogs!

This weekend proves to be a TON of fun for Silly Dogs in Georgia, particularly in the metro Atlanta area.

Free Day in the Parks is THIS Saturday, where all of the state parks and museums are waiving the usual $5 parking/admission fees! Several of the parks are hosting fun activities. The Silly Dog is *hoping* to go to Amicalola State Park & Lodge to do some hiking – if the weather isn’t threatening rain!

Splish Splash Doggie Bash, the end-of-year pool party for the silly swimming dog, was scheduled for last weekend but got rained out … we’re trying again this weekend (click the link for more details!) According to the Web site, the event is sold out, but if you’re still looking for something to do, you might want to drop by. Even if you can’t get in the pool, you’ll love Piedmont Park’s dog park.

The Bark Park Games are in Gainesville at Laurel Park this Saturday … the Silly Dog doesn’t do well in structured settings like this, but other dogs might want to try their paws at frisbee and other fun games. Prizes to be won!

We hope that all of the silly dogs affected by the recent Atlanta floods are safe, warm and dry and continue to stay that way throughout the rain expected this weekend. Try to get out and have some fun, but remember it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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